Sunday, 11 February 2007

Bluegrass in Germany? Find it here

Bernd and Gunda Steller, from the Frankfurt area of Germany, are very active supporters of bluegrass and other forms of music. Singer / songwriter Liz Meyer encountered them at nearly all her shows while touring Germany - they had often travelled further than anyone else to be present. After going to the Netherlands to see Liz with Nugget, they began attending the EBMA's EWOB festivals.

In 2005 they established a website, listing dates, times, and places of festivals and concerts all over Germany and extending into Switzerland and the Netherlands, with comprehensive details of the artists taking part, and links to associations, promoters, publishers, and music suppliers. It's a labour of love and a valuable reference resource for bluegrass music lovers. Liz Meyer says: 'Fans like Bernd and Gunda are golden.'

Contact Bernd and Gunda Steller by e-mail if you have news to add to their website.