Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Bluegrass Europe #54 (Feb./Mar. 2007)

Bluegrass Europe is a bi-monthly magazine provided to members of the EBMA in Europe and abroad. It is the first and only magazine dedicated to bluegrass music in Europe. Written in English, Bluegrass Europe is printed and bound with the German Bluegrass Bühne and the Dutch Strictly Country. The three journals appear together under one cover. For a free sample, contact Paolo Dettwiler or visit the EBMA website.

Features in the February–March 2007 issue*

Bluegrass Europe #54: Blue Side of Town: a German shade of grass (cover feature); EWOB 2007; enlarged European news coverage; Jana and Steve Mougin interviewed by Petr Brandejs; CD reviews; concert & festival calendar; EBMA's European bluegrass guide

Strictly Country #216: International Mandolin Academy; Roasted Barley; Folksong revival, part 4; Babes in the Grass; News, views, and reviews; Mideando String Quintet; Columbia Series # 81: Country music after WWII, part 2; Top country songs 1944-2005; Bluegrass holiday in the USA; Boet'n Deure

Bluegrass Buehne #157: Jeanette Williams on tour; the Wilders on tour; Rebel on iTunes; Lantana; Renaud Martin in Australia; tablature for 'Washington Lee Swing'; 5th Bühl Bluegrass Festival; concert and record reviews

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