Monday, 12 February 2007

Becoming part of EWOB 2007

A message from Rienk Janssen, coordinator of the EBMA's European World of Bluegrass (EWOB):

The EBMA coordinates the annual European World of Bluegrass month, in 2007 for the tenth time. This is a series of concerts and festivals all over Europe, hanging loosely together under the EWOB umbrella. Being part of the EWOB does not bring any obligations - we just help each other in getting a bit more publicity. We publish the events in the EWOB Guide 2007 and on our websites, and we hope the participating events will use the EWOB logo (above) in their own publicity.

May is Bluegrass Month, and almost all EWOB-related events are in that month, but every now and then we include a few spilling over into April or June. We also have a special offer for festivals that take part for the first time. They will get a ¼ page ad for free (black/white) in the EWOB Guide. We would need all information by 1 March.

Wishing you success,
Kind regards,
Rienk Janssen

Please note that any bluegrass-related event - a festival, concert, session, broadcast - can be a part of EWOB. For advertising rates and any other details, e-mail Rienk here.