Tuesday, 2 January 2007

New bluegrass CDs from Slovakia

The Tomáš Peško Band CD is an unique solo project from the well known banjo player Tomáš Peško, from Slovakia. All the tracks are original instrumentals, written by himself, with the features of bluegrass, swing, and jazz. The band consists also of the renowned mandolin player Michal Barok (well known also from the bands Meantime and WaterFlow), guitar player Vladimir Cik, bass player Andrej Jeriga, and - as recording and performing guest artists - dobro player Peter Szabados, guitar player Peter Balaz, and the excellent fiddler Stano Paluch. The band also had a couple of successful performances (2001, 2003) at the EBMA's EWOB Festival.

In 2006 the CD, recorded five years ago, was released with the title Light in the storm and so far has been very well reviewed, with only positive reactions. Also thanks to the reactions of the public, musicians, and promoters, Tomáš Peško started to reform the band and compose new songs. The band is planning to perform at Bluegrass Fest 2007 in Bratislava, and at more festivals, including events abroad.

Light in the storm can be ordered for 10 EUR (+ delivery costs). For ordering or any questions, please contact us here. While the band website is under construction, you can find up-to-date information about the band here.

Bluegrass Time plays traditional bluegrass music in their own unique modern style, their own songs with Slovak lyrics, and of course a couple of instrumentals. The current band, founded in autumn 2004, is a continuation of the original Bluegrass Time from the late 1990s, led by mandolin player Dušan 'Titi' Bachratý, a bluegrass legend in Slovakia.

Today, Bluegrass Time includes only one of the original members: banjo player, composer, and songwriter Tomáš Peško. Lead vocal, guitar, and some lyrics and music belong to Pavol Stefek; dobro and vocals to Roman Ziatko; mandolin is played by Ernest Krammer; and double bass is in the hands of Jozef Jagersky.

In November 2006 Bluegrass Time released their debut CD, Kvapky rosy, which was recorded by Peter Szabados (Studio SABIK Medvedov), a great Slovak dobro player. The CD can be ordered for 10 EUR (+ delivery costs). For ordering or any questions, please contact us here. You can find more information about the band at the Bluegrass Time website and also here.