Monday, 29 January 2007

Eric Uglum Joins Chris Stuart & Backcountry

Christian Ward, Austin Ward, Chris Stuart, Eric Uglum, Janet Beazley

Cybergrass carries the news that Eric Uglum, formerly of Lost Highway, will join Chris Stuart & Backcountry as a full-time member on lead guitar and mandolin. Eric's two stepsons, Christian Ward (fiddle) and Austin Ward (bass), are already Backcountry members.

More details of the band and of The old road to Jerusalem, the latest album on the Backcountry label by Eric, Austin, and Christian, can be found here.

Lost Highway and Backcountry are both well known on this side of the Atlantic from their tours in Europe. Chris Stuart (guitar, lead vocals) and Janet Beazley (banjo, vocals) will be teaching songwriting and bluegrass banjo respectively at Sore Fingers Week 2007 (9-14 April). A.R.T. Promotions is arranging a Backcountry tour of Europe between 9 and 24 November 2007.