Friday, 1 December 2006

Rawhide: 15 years after

Bluegrass in Belgium reports:

Next Friday (8th December) Rawhide will play at Toogenblik in Haren (Brussels). This is exactly fifteen years after their first concert, also at Toogenblik, with this lineup.

How they've been able to stand each other and keep on playing together all these years remains a mystery. Be there in time (20h30) - the number of seats is limited. Or see you in another fifteen years.

Also, don't miss the concerts of the Sons of Navarone in Deurne (9th), Kazoo in Kozen (29th), and Rawhide near Vlissingen (30th). All details of these concerts are on the Bluegrass in Belgium website, on the 'What's going on?' page.

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