Sunday, 24 December 2006

New German mandolin website

Since 22 September 2006 a new German-language mandolin website has been operated by Rupert Paulik, a bluegrass musician from Munich in the German Federal Republic (BRD). This is not only a means of presenting Paulik's very individual teaching programme; it is an opportunity for all friends of bluegrass music and fans of mandolin music to find a lot of useful information.

An extensively researched bibliography shows at a glance the important literature from mandolin schools, tune collections, and instructional DVDs. You can also find information about the history of the mandolin, various construction methods, and developments of the use of the mandolin in music.

One feature of special interest is the free workshop offered, which enables the website visitor to study four extensively commentated steps through the internet, and to finally play a mandolin tune composed by Rupert Paulik himself. Being able to play great licks on the mandolin, without forgetting that the power of music comes from the heart - that is the dream of each bluegrass musician. To mark this, this tune's name is 'Big Lick'.