Sunday, 10 December 2006

Bands coming to Europe, 2007

Angelika Torrie reports:

I'd like to update you on some projects in 2007 of A.R.T. Promotions:

The Jeanette Williams Band will be touring March 2 - 14 (new dates). Gigs confirmed include VHS Ehingen, Illertal Cowboys Vöhringen, Dany's Club in Neu-Ulm (all Germany); Bluegrass Music Denmark in Copenhagen, MJC Saint Saulve (France: TBC), and Bluegrass in Basel (Switzerland). Dates are still available.

The Dan Paisley & Southern Grass European tour (May 12 - 28) is organised in cooperation with SCR's Pieter Groenveld, begins with Willisau (Switzerland), and includes Stockholm (Sweden), Le Puy en Velay (France), several dates in the Netherlands, and the Fredericia Bluegrass Festival (Denmark). A few dates are still open and available.

Special Consensus time again: for a very short stint Special C will honour mainland Europe once more with their great music. July 1 - 8 are in discussion; confirmed dates are in Germany, Switzerland, and France, and will be shown on my homepage as soon as possible. Some dates are still available!

Please e-mail me for more details or look at the A.R.T. website.