Thursday, 14 December 2006

All Bells and Whistles in Holland, Jan. 2007

Peter O. Ruby with all Bells and Whistles, from the Czech Republic, are going to have a little weekend tour in Limburg and mid-Holland.

Friday 19 January: Cafe Classic, Cauberg 22, Valkenburg. Starting at 21:00. Phone 043-6090382. Online info here.

Saturday 20 January: Annual picking party at Buurthuis Mors, Wijk Mors, Leiden. Approx. 15 bands will pick that day, and there will be a big jam session during the whole day, starting at 12:00... till 00:00. For further details e-mail Hans Wolters here.

Sunday 21 January: Country bar Jan van Cep, Hoofdstraat 11, Amstenrade. Starting at 15:00. Phone: 046-4421408. Online info here.

The band consists of Peter O Ruby (lead guitar, lead and tenor vocals), Hans Wolters (banjo, lead vocals), Zuzka K. (mandolin), Martin Anderle (bass), and Martin Kralik (fiddle... if available). For further details visit the website.