Tuesday, 26 December 2006

The Abrams Brothers

Thanks to IBMA member Howard Bonner for the news that the Abrams Brothers from Canada, who were among the transatlantic stars of the 2006 EWOB Festival, are confirmed for an unprecedented fourth appearance in a row at the North Platte, Nebraska, festival in April. They'll be visiting the Czech Republic at the end of August, and returning to Europe in November.

Their CD Iron sharpens iron on the Mastershield label will be available next month, and the Arlo Guthrie/Bob Dylan tribute should be on the market by July. Their first DVD, The Abrams Brothers live at the Sydenham United, went on sale early in December on the local market and has exceeded all expectations with sales to date. Canada's major bookstore chain reports that the DVD has broken all records for a regional(local) act in a matter of two weekends!

Cousin Elijah at 16 has joined the band on acoustic bass and guitar. Grandpa Wayne has effectively retired to his leisure activities and guitar-building. Photos from the Abrams Brothers' tour in Europe during EWOB 2006 can be seen on their website.