Tuesday, 28 November 2006

European World of Bluegrass 2007

The European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) is getting ready for the 10th Anniversary EWOB in 2007.

The European World of Bluegrass is a month (May) -long series of concerts and festivals, all over Europe, highlighted by the EWOB Festival in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands, on May 17-19. This is the meeting place for musicians, fans, promoters, agents, record companies, instrument makers and dealers, etc., with - apart from a lot of music - a trade show, workshops, meetings, seminars, and more.

At the Voorthuizen convention approximately forty European bands will perform on stage, and they are eligible for the #1 European Bluegrass Band award and the Audience Popularity award. Up to the end of November we have received over eighty applications from European bands to take part, and our selection & programming committee has started their difficult task of putting together the best festival program, and keeping everybody involved as happy as possible.

Every year we have a limited number of bands from the USA joining us (and for this tenth anniversary we have some very good ones in mind), but the focus is on European bluegrass.

In the meantime the #1 European Bluegrass Band award winner of the 2006 EWOB - Mideando String Quintet from Italy - are preparing their trip to the IBMA World of Bluegrass in Nashville, later in 2007, where they will show why they were chosen as the best, and also will represent the European bluegrass music scene to the rest of the world.

Any bluegrass-music-related event in Europe in the month of May 2007 can be part of the European World of Bluegrass. There are no obligations, nor does it cost anything. The only things we need to know are the details (date, place, performers, etc.), so we can put the correct information in the EWOB Guide and on our website. In return we ask the participating events to use the EWOB 2007 logo in their publicity, and maybe tell their audience a little bit about the EWOB and the EBMA.

Anybody who is interested may contact us here.

Rienk Janssen, EWOB coordinator for the EBMA

Thursday, 16 November 2006

April Verch bio Jan. 2013

April Verch has never sounded more comfortable in her skin than she does now, in the second decade of her career as an internationally touring Canadian fiddler, step dancer and singer-songwriter. Her ninth album, Bright like gold, captures a woman who’s fleshed out her identity and is in full command of her gifts, a woman who’s grown from a prodigy into an enduring artist - one of music’s most unforgiving public transitions - with grace and grit to spare.

The April Verch Band - rounded out by bassist and clawhammer banjo player Cody Walters and guitarist Hayes Griffin, who has a Master's degree in jazz improv. from the New England Conservatory - is an energetic, virtuosic, tradition-celebrating outfit. It doesn’t hurt that the thrilling grand finale involves Verch fiddling and step dancing - and often executing two entirely different intricate rhythmic patterns - at once.

It’s a wonder to behold Verch pulling off those pristine double-time triplets with her feet, and the myriad other ways she represents an artist in touch with roots and in her element. She won't be the one to mention that by the time she was finishing up her first year of college she had become the first woman to win both the Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Championship and Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Competition, or even the fact that she represented Canada's fiddling tradition by performing in the Opening Ceremonies at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Something else that’s downright impressive is the range of material Verch, Walters, and Griffin inhabit on the new album. She’s so fluent in folk traditions - the Canadian ones she was born into and the American ones she later found her way to - that old fiddle tunes like those featured in the Canadian medley 'Dusty miller', 'Fiddle fingers', and 'Grizzly bear' and the Appalachian medley 'Edward in the treetop', 'Yellow jacket', and 'Quit that tickling me' sound positively reinvigorated. Originals like her instrumental waltz 'Morris & Boris' and country courting number 'The only one' are clearly made to last.

What makes the latter song even more special is that the voice of Bluegrass Hall of Famer Mac Wiseman is on it, and he’s not the only guest of note. Premier old-time fiddler Bruce Molsky joins Verch for some handsome dual fiddling on 'Evening star waltz', and bluegrass banjo icon Sammy Shelor appears on 'Davy Davy' and 'Folding down the sheets'. Griffin’s 'Foolish heart' offers a playful take on western swing, Walters' 'Raven in the hemlock' unfurls melodic surprises, and Verch’s 'Broken' and 'Sorry' have real emotional heft. The fact that she also chose to include 'No other would do' - the only song her dad’s ever written - perfectly completes the musical circle.

Verch, leader of this self-assured ensemble, is claiming her power as an artist and a woman, and taking charge of her recording process. Produced by Verch, Walters, Griffin, and their engineer Chris Rosser, Bright like gold is, quite literally, the album of Verch’s life.

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Peter Rowan and Druha Trava, Nov. 2012

All photos by Lilly Pavlak

Peter Rowan

Left, Katka Garcia; far right, Steve Walsh

Druha Trava in Hranice

Katka Garcia on stage with Lubos Novotny and Lubos Malina

Peter Rowan and Druha Trava

Robert Krestan and Peter Rowan

Peter, Robert, and Katka receiving flowers

Peter and Robert at Brno

Lubos Malina, bandleader of Druha Trava

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

See and hear bluegrass in Europe (and more)

For readers in the USA, Kevin Lynch, of the Connecticut Bluegrass Music Association and U-H Radio Bluegrass on WWUH Radio, reports:

Announcing a first-ever group tour to Europe for the 10th European World of Bluegrass (EWOB) event held in the Netherlands. This event and its organizers have been awarded honors by the International Bluegrass Music Association for their decades of international bluegrass promotion.

It's their tenth anniversary and the headliner from the USA will be Rounder Records recording artists, Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass. Up to two other artists from the USA will appear, plus 40+ other groups from all over the globe!

In addition to the EWOB event, the tour includes two nights in historic Amsterdam (incl. a wine-&-cheese evening canal cruise of the city). See the details at this link.

Fully escorted tour runs May 14 - 20, 2007. Group participants limited to 20 people. Flights need to be booked well in advance in order to get the lowest prices. You are welcomed to arrange any time frame for your return and/or departure flights... spend as much time as you wish while you're there.

Disclaimer: This trip has been organized by my sister Kim (an independent travel agent). She is offering this initial Bluegrass Tour to EWOB at cost. We won't see these prices again.

See you in Amsterdam...

Monday, 13 November 2006

Nechville banjo workshop, 3 Sept. 2012

Text of flyer for banjo workshop by Tom Nechville and Guy Rogers at Banjos Direct, Norwich, England; Mon. 3 Sept. 2012 from 3.00 p.m.

Optimize your Banjo Setup
Go beyond standard banjo setup conventions and learn what really makes the banjo sound and play its best. Tom will have tips on improving your traditional banjo and show solutions to common problems. Tom may invite you to receive a free set-up during the class. He will discuss compensated bridges, proper neck, tailpiece, head adjustments, and more.

Want a Revolution?
Tom answers questions about his revolutionary designs for acoustic and electric banjos. There will be several instruments on display for you to try while Tom and friends lead a bluegrass jam. You’ll see the very latest as to what’s new in banjos while learning more about your own.

Advanced Banjo Dynamics
For those who just can’t get enough, Tom discusses exploratory materials and parts for banjo construction. Learn about 'Tone Spheres', Hybrid banjos, and advanced rebuilding techniques employing Nechville’s recently patented 'Flux Capacitor'.

Tom Nechville has been in business since 1989, manufacturing professional banjos and related accessories. His patented Helimount frame, adjustable neck attachment, beveled armrest, and compensated Enterprise bridges are setting the professional standard for players worldwide. His book The Dynamics of Banjo Sound is a definitive guide for banjo set up.

Nechville Musical Products is always innovating to meet the changing needs of modern musicians. Nechville’s refined acoustic and electric banjo designs have helped direct a new worldwide spotlight on the banjo.

Web Links: Nechville Musical Products; Banjo Revolution; Dynamics of Banjo Sound Workshop
Products for Sale: Exclusive inventory of Fine Banjos, Armrests, Straps, Pickups, Enterprise Bridges, Parts, and Dynamics of banjo sound Book.
Contact: e-mail; phone +1 952-888-9710 or cell +1 612-275-6602

Sunday, 12 November 2006

More photos from the 40th Banjo Jamboree

More photos by Lilly Pavlak from the 40th Banjo Jamboree (CZ).

Oh My Darling (Canada)

Workshop with Tom Gray

Traditional banjo-players group picture: in front, photo of the festival founder, Honza Macak

Tom Gray takes an active role in the group picture

Keep pickin', Tom!

Adcock, Adcock, and Gray on stage

Standing ovations for the Adcocks and Gray

MCs Pepa Voda and Pavel Brandejs, in front of the Giant Mountain Band

Oh My Darling on stage, Friday

Krok from the Slovak Republic

Krok playing for Eddie

Meeting with Eddie & Martha Adcock

Adcock, Adcock, and Gray on stage

Eddie Adcock at the CD table after the show

Saturday, 11 November 2006

Greenheart Country playlist 223: week 18, 2012

GREENHEART COUNTRY 223 / WEEK 18: ma.30 apr. t/m.zo.6 mei 2012. Samenst. & pres. Hans van Dam. Techniek: Martin v.d. Torre. Frequenties & uitz. tijden: www.robfm.nl/, www.omroeprijnwoude.nl/ www.alphenstadfm.nl/ www.vlistam.nl (allen ook livestream). Info, agenda opgaven: janny@countrygazette.nl. Playlist/ Agenda: www.countrygazette.nl

CD of the week: Lilly of the West, Swings & heartaches (2012)*. Theme: EWOB Voorthuizen.

1 Except 2 (NL) Rosewood Casket 2:45 12
2 Except 2 (NL) How Blue 3:28 3
3 Twisted Timber (CZ) Life Turned Blue 2:39 1
4 Oh My Darling (CAN) Stolen Key 3:07 4
5 Oh My Darling (CAN) Song After Song 3:22 8
6 Oh My Darling (CAN) Caught You Looking 2:54 1
7 Lilly Of The West (BG) *Gotta Lotta Rhythm In My Soul 2:14 1
8 Lilly Of The West (BG) *Walkin’ After Midnight 2:38 5
9 Lilly Of The West (BG) *Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring 2:23 2
10 Stroatklinkers (NL) Het Zel Me’n Vreugde Wezen 2:49 1
11 Stroatklinkers (NL) T-Shirt Bloes 2:56 3
12 Stroatklinkers (NL) Loop Noar de pomp 3:00 5
13 Sunny Side (CZ) I Wonder Where You Are Tonight 3:10 6
14 Sunny Side (CZ) Tennessee Waltz 2:14 7
15 Sunny Side (CZ) Me And My Old Banjo 2:13 9
16 Lucky Lips (N) In The Graveyard 3:14 4
17 Rawhide (B) Shut De Do 2:14 3
18 Rawhide (B) Sweet Chariot 2:27 8
19 Rawhide (B) Crossing The Cumberlands (instr.) 4:02 13
Playing time (1st hour) 53:49

1 Lilly Of The West (BG) * Brala Moma Ruzha Cvete 2:57 8
2 Lilly Of The West (BG) * Malka Moma Se Se Bogu Moli 3:40 10
3 Lilly Of The West (BG) * Crying In The Rain 3:17 9
4 Poa Pratensis (H) Age 2:58 1
5 Poa Pratensis (H) Every Breath You Take 3:54 3
6 Poa Pratensis (H) The One You Lean On 2:45 2
7 Sunny Side (CZ) Blue Moon Of Kentucky 3:19 10
8 Sunny Side (CZ) Love Please Come Home 2:42 5
9 Sunny Side (CZ) Keep On The Sunny Side 3:12 12
10 Stroatklinkers (NL) We nemen er nog ein op 3:25 8
11 Stroatklinkers (NL) Swaalfkes 3:04 13
12 Stroatklinkers (NL) Evil Shadow 3:49 15
13 Outbound Scaggywag Carnival (NL) Night Train To Memphis 2:42 9
14 Outbound Scaggywag Carnival (NL) Wildwood Flower 3:03 12
15 Outbound Scaggywag Carnival (NL) Going Up The Country 2:58 13
16 Sons Of Navarone (B) Who Will Watch The Home Place 5:19 14
17 Sons Of Navarone (B) Once More 3:41 11
18 Sons Of Navarone (B) Clinch Mountain Backstep (instr.) 2:20 4
Playing time (2nd hour) 55:51

Friday, 10 November 2006

Toy Hearts in Zurich, 4 Feb. 2012

Thanks to Lilly Pavlak for these photos from the show by the Toy Hearts (GB) at the Restaurant Lerchenberg, Zurich, Switzerland, on 4 February 2012, during their tour of central Europe:

Backstage before the show

Regula Sulzer, the promoter, welcomes the audience and introduces the Toy Hearts

Stuart and Hannah

Sophia with the dreadnaught...

... the Selmer...

... and the Gibson archtop

Mr Johnson on the dobro

High heels without tequila

The western swing set

Hannah in full flight

Western swing on the triple-necked steel

On the sound desk



At rest

Thursday, 9 November 2006

'Criffel Creek' playlist, 14 Apr. 2013

'Criffel Creek', presented by C. Paul Lyttle on Alive Community Radio (107.3 FM), Dumfries, Scotland; 10.00 a.m.-12 noon on alternate Sundays

1 Footprints In The Snow, 1:46, Bluegrass Festival, Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys
2 Philadelphia Lawyer, 3:17, Hard Country, Audie Blaylock & Redline
3 This World Is Not My Home, 2:52, Pickin',Praisin' & Singin', Cody Shuler and Pine Mountain Railroad
4 Starboard, 4:11, Scrimshaw, Nels Andrews
5 Muddy Waters, 3:14, AirplayDirect Single, Ferguson, Holmes and Henry
6 Cheek To Cheek With The Blues, 2:20, High Lonesome And Blue: Rounder Heritage Series, Del McCoury
7 Black Smoke Risin', 4:49, On The Waggon, Matt Woosey Band
8 CEDAR_HILL_-_NAILS_AND_THORNS, 3:43, Cedar Hill, Cedar Hill
9 Clean, 4:31, Little Boat, Hosking; Rita
10 Buy A Ring, Find A Preacher, 3:07, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
11 They Called It Music, 3:30, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
12 The Darker The Night, The Better I See, 3:35, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
13 Dying For Someone To Live For, 2:56, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
14 I'll Work It Out, 3:00, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
15 Something Comin' To Me, 3:54, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
16 Take Only What You Can Carry (J's version), 3:20, For Keeps, Annie Keating
17 Paris Waltz, 3:23, Feet All Over the Floor, The Stairwell Sisters
18 Who told Ya?, 2:31, Rabbits Motel, Woody Pines
19 Amelia Earhart's Last Flight, 3:45 Best Of The Vanguard Years [Disc 1], Greenbriar Boys
20 Billy Means' Blues, 2:20, Tierra del Fuego, King Wilkie
21 Charged With Being Christian, 2:22, The Voice of God, Don Rigsby
22 The Nearness Of You, 3:08, Come Away With Me, Norah Jones
23 Daddy's Gone To Knoxville, 3:01, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
24 Dusty Old World, 2:58, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
25 Home On The River, 2:40, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
26 I Will Always Cross Your Mind, 3:32, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
27 Sundown and Sorrow, 3:16, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
28 Songbird's Song, 4:06, They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers
29 Leave Or Stay, 2:58, Pathway Of Time, David Parmley and Continental Divide
30 That Train Won't Run, 4:10, Hope On The Vine, Heather Bristow
31 Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness (Live), 3:31, Great Days Anthology [Disc 2], John Prine
32 My Lonely Heart, 2:17, Totally Essential Bluegrass, Disc 1 & 3
33 Let Me Fall, 3:21, Beginners Guide To Hoedown - Disc Three: 21st Ce..., Foghorn Stringband
34 Clinch Mountain Backstep, 2:30, Uncle Charlie And His Dog Teddy, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

'Americana Club' playlist, 26 Mar. 2014

Playlist, 'Americana Club': PopStop, 26 March 2014, 20:00–22:00, presented by Walter Fuchs
(Times of repeats vary from week to week: see PopStop schedule)

1st hour

Jerry Reed, 'East Bound And Down'
Don Reno & Red Smiley, 'Springtime In Dear Old Dixie'
Grandpa Jones & Minnie Pearl, 'Spring Fever'
Johnny Horton, 'When It’s Springtime In Alaska'
Johnny Horton, 'Honky Tonk Man'
Jerry Lee Lewis, 'Whole Lotta Shakin‘ Goin‘ On'
Jerry Lee Lewis, 'Invitation To Your Party'
Brantley Gilbert, 'Bottoms Up'
Jerry Jeff Walker, 'Up Against The Wall Redneck'
Ray Wylie Hubbard, 'Last Train To Amsterdam'
Dick Curless, 'A Tombstone Every Mile'
Dave Dudley, 'There Ain’t No Easy Run'
Tabea & TRAM, 'If I Needed You'
John Lowell, 'Mama Don’t Like It'
Chris Jones & the Night Drivers, 'You’re My Family Now'
John Starling, 'He Rode All The Way To Texas'
Della Mae, 'Empire'
Joe Maphis, 'Liebestraum'

2nd hour

Garth Brooks, 'Longneck Bottle'
Stephanie Davis, 'Lone Star Swing'
Reba McEntire and Asleep At The Wheel, 'Right Or Wrong'
Buddy McDavid, 'I Just Want To Go Back Home'
Tom T. Hall, 'The Year That Clayton Delaney Died'
Ronnie McDowell, 'Older Women'
Johnny Cash, 'I’m Ragged But I’m Right'
Johnny Cash, 'Out Among The Stars'
Levon Helm, 'Get Out Your Big Roll Daddy'
Red Foley, 'Tennessee Saturday Night'
Dermot O’Brien & His Clubmen, 'Katie Daly'
Hank Locklin, 'If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here'
Dean Dillon, 'Hot, Country And Single'
Tracy Lawrence, 'From Hillbilly Heaven To Honky Tonk Hell'
Tony Trischka, 'I Wonder Where You Are Tonight'
The Deadly Gentlemen, 'It’ll End Too Soon'
Willie Nelson and the Secret Sisters, 'It Won’t Be Very Long'
Sonny Osborne, 'Bluegrass Concerto'

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

3rd Bluegrass Jamboree! on tour 1-18 Dec. 2011

[release: 21 Oct. 2011]

VIDEO TRAILER and PHOTOS: http://www.bluegrassjamboree.de

Presented by byte.fm, Akustik Gitarre, Folker, Bear Family Records, No Fences, Hillbillie Guesthouse, German Bluegrass Music Association, Dynamite! magazine, EBMA, Bluegrass Europe

'The Future of Bluegrass'
Della Mae (USA) 'The Daughters of Bluegrass'
Deadly Gentlemen (USA) 'Epic Folk & Grasscore'
Cahalen Morrison & Eli West (USA) 'Mountain Roots'

As the bluegrass world celebrates the hundredth birthday of Bill Monroe, the 'father' of bluegrass music, the 3rd 'Bluegrass Jamboree - Festival of Bluegrass & Americana Music', with three young and innovative artists performing on this year`s tour, will offer a look into the future of the genre.

Many of the exciting developments in bluegrass are currently found outside the regions of its origin in the south-east of the United States. In the same way Bill Monroe and his band invented bluegrass in the late 1940s mixing blues, jazz, Irish and Scottish folk, gospel and spirituals in Kentucky, his peers and successive generations of players kept experimenting on developing new aspects and sounds until today. This year the 'Jamboree' artists are all from the northern states of the USA, where the music grows more freely without sometimes rather conservative limitations of the South. The sound stays fully authentic and usually only experts may notice the differences and find out that most of the music is new and does not draw from the repertoire of sixty years of bluegrass, although the connection is still easy to recognize. But be sure - there will also be a good dose of 'Monroe' tribute on the show!

CAHALEN MORRISON and ELI WEST present archaic folk sounds on banjo and other stringed instruments, played with energy and virtuosity of bluegrass. There will be intense spellbinding two-part male vocals along lyrics about essential life experiences, guiding the audience on a journey through the musical heights of new folk, old-time, and bluegrass. The two rising stars of the Seattle folk scene perform new pieces with the musical sound of today. Cahalen's songwriting is inspired by the old songs of a time, when hard work and the struggle to survive the Depression years in the mountain region of the Appalachians led to a musical form that dealt with the existential aspects of life: themes of landscape, nature, love, sorrow, grief, joy, death, and reverence - deeply spiritual, open, and honest. In the course of history this sometimes-called 'White man's blues' was named old-time, folk, country, bluegrass and hillbilly. The 'fire' of Cahalen and Eli emerges from the combination of songwriting with the intensity of the bluegrass and beautifully played instruments as well as intense vocals. At age 15 the (practically incurable) bluegrass virus got Eli, since then he has been devoted to stringed instruments. His special way of playing the guitar combines breathtaking solo and rhythm work. He also writes the vocal arrangements which can be characterized by spirited rhythmic and harmonic explorations of the style - exactly the artistic freedom that motivated the musicians of the genre back in the early years of the 20th century – or as Monroe put it: "create your own music!"

These banjo-rappers at some of their performances in the South virtually had to escape from the stage of a traditional bluegrass festival, because the audience did not seem ready for the innovative 'rap-grass' sound of the band. Amazing, as they further developed Bill Monroe's idea of bluegrass: the mix of old and new: rap, jazz, pop and rock, New Acoustic Music plus bluegrass into something they call 'Grasscore and Epic Folk'. The lyrics sometimes are harsh and violent, but also sweet and romantic and tell about love and hate and many other timeless topics. The way they combine rhythmic vocal structures and wild, improvisational instrumental outbursts is simply revolutionary. 'The Bluegrass Police will definitely keep an eye on us', laughs master Gentleman, banjo wizard, and doctor of molecular biology Greg Liszt. He joined Bruce Springsteen for productions and on tour, became a founding member of progressive folk roots band Crooked Still and is considered as one of the few true banjo innovators. His playing is 'funky' and expands traditional three-finger picking into a four-finger style with exciting rhythmic elements along powerful melodic lines.

DELLA MAE, or in other words five of the best female bluegrass musicians and performers of the North-East together in one 'supergroup'. They do not think much of the rather softly played softer modern bluegrass style, but favour a more speedy and rough version of this kind of music. As huge fans of the 40s and 50s sound of the wild men of that era, the five women combine a strong drive, powerful harmonies, and modern songwriting to a contemporary and intensive style of bluegrass, which they will perform for the first time in Europe at all. Celia Woodsmith's powerful voice is influenced by various styles of music from bluegrass, country, and soul over to blues and even folk. Through her impressive play of the rhythm guitar on stage she`s the connective part between the different members of this ambitious band. Kimber Ludiker plays the fiddle: when she was three years old her grandfather taught her the first fiddle lessons and today by the beginning of her 20s she already has been awarded Grand National Fiddle Champion twice. She is considered as one of the central artists of her generation and in her furious play of the extraordinary five-string fiddle she mixes elements of bluegrass, old-time, and Western Swing. Courtney Hartman provides the flat-pick solo guitar, an instrument which first in the 1960s became an equal part of the bluegrass ensemble besides mandolin, fiddle, and banjo, and is more often played by men. For her virtuoso solos she regularly gains standing ovations from enthusiastic audiences. Today besides her band activities she is taking classes in 'serious' music at the well-respected Berklee College of Music in Boston, a region where currently the most exciting developments in bluegrass music in the USA are taking place. Jenny Lyn Gardner is a master of the bluegrass mandolin: as the band's "snare drum" she is responsible for the typical bluegrass off-beat rhythm. In traditional bluegrass there is no percussion itself, so this part is taken over by the other instruments together. During the band`s performances it is always an exciting moment listening to Jenny Lyn`s vivid solos. Amanda Kowalski plays the acoustic string bass. A true and living legend at the string bass, she has played in extraordinary projects together with banjo explorers Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck, or Abigail Washburn, only to name a few of the great names she has performed with over the years. Her musical journey led Amanda, who was born in the Hillbilly State of West Virginia, to the "Grand Ole Opry" in Nashville as well as to Sydney`s famous opera house, where she played highly respected shows.

3. Bluegrass Jamboree! – Festival of Bluegrass and Americana Music

01.12.2011    77654 Offenburg    Reithalle  20:00
02.12.2011    72762 Reutlingen    franz k  20:00
03.12.2011    CH-8200 Schaffhausen    Kammgarn  20:00 Switzerland
04.12.2011    80333 München    Amerikahaus  20:00
05.12.2011    88212 Ravensburg    Zehntscheuer  20:00
06.12.2011    87435 Kempten    Haus International  20:00
07.12.2011    91154 Roth    Kulturfabrik  20:00
08.12.2011    84478 Waldkraiburg    Haus der Kultur  20:00
09.12.2011    53121 Bonn    Harmonie  19:30
10.12.2011    63303 Dreieich    Bürgerhaus Sprendlingen  20:00
11.12.2011    06295 Lutherstadt-Eisleben    Landesbühne  18:00
12.12.2011    CZ-Prag OREA Hotel Pyramida  19:30 Czech Republic
13.12.2011    34127 Kassel    Schlachthof  20:00
14.12.2011    99817 Eisenach    Alte Mälzerei  20:00
15.12.2011    44137 Dortmund    Domicil  20:00
16.12.2011    31137 Hildesheim    Kulturfabrik Löseke  20:00
17.12.2011    28816 Stuhr    Gutsscheune Varrel  20:00
18.12.2011    41564 Kaarst    Albert Einstein Forum  20:00

ATTENTION: Again there will be a world wide live radio broadcast of the full
first show of the tour. So all of you who can't be at this show can catch
the music on radio Wueste Welle in Tübingen via Internet radio.
http://www.wueste-welle.de DATE: Dec 2, 20-24:00 (Central European

RADIO LINK or http://www.wueste-welle.de/
(click on "on air" down left)

Monday, 6 November 2006

Photo memories of Liz Meyer

Thanks to Lilly Pavlak for these photos of Liz Meyer from her archive. The first (left) dates from a 1998 concert in P.J. Blues Stop, Niederglatt, Switzerland; at that time Liz was playing as a duo with bluesman Chris Jones (1958-2005), whose arm and guitar appear on the right.

Liz also played with Mark Cosgrove and Cor Mutsers as a trio. Though Mark Cosgrove remained a longtime musical partner of Liz, Lilly can claim credit for uniting her with the Austrian band Nugget:

I booked her on a festival at Mayrhofen, Austria, in 1997 and they wanted a bluegrass band to back her... Nugget was her first bluegrass band.

With Nugget (Thierry Massoubre, guitar)

The following four photos were taken in 2000 at the Country Festival Albisguetli, Zurich, Switzerland:

Mark Cosgrove, Lilly, Liz, Katarina Mitteregger

Liz and Mark

The finale: the Byron Berline band with Liz and Nugget

The finale: the Byron Berline band with Liz and Nugget

The next group of photos date from Liz's showcase appearances in Louisville at IBMA's World of Bluegrass 2004 with Nugget:

The International showcase; on the left, Raymond McLain (fiddle)

This batch was taken at the first Picnic Festival at Namur, Belgium, in 2005, where Liz appeared with Big City Bluegrass, her specially assembled band of young Czech musicians - Pepa Malina, Zbynek Buresz, and Svatka Stepankova:

Lilly and Liz

In Nashville with Eberhard Finke and Jana Dolakova at IBMA's World of Bluegrass 2005

Three photos from 2006 in Nashville:

Liz addresses the class at IBMA's Leadership Bluegrass course

With Kathy Chiavola

With Holly Tashian

EWOB 2007: the entrance lobby at 't Trefpunt

EWOB 2007: with Nancy Cardwell and Jon Weisberger, who with Fred Bartenstein formed an IBMA delegation to the 10th EWOB festival

EWOB 2007: shifting product

At home in 2007

With fellow songwriter Niall Toner at EWOB 2008