Tuesday, 31 October 2006

More photos from Bühl

More splendid photos from the 9th International Bühl Bluegrass Festival (13-14 May 2011) - all of them taken by Jörg Neuner.

In charge: Walter Fuchs, festival director

Sunny Mountain Grass (CH)

Robert Brunner of Sunny Mountain Grass

Valerie Smith and Becky Buller

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike (USA)

Forgotten items

The horseless cavalcade: loading up...

... and en route

Stewart Johnson of the Toy Hearts (GB) at the Johannesplatz

Alone and forsaken

Redgrass (CAN), above & below

The male Toy Hearts (GB) going in (above & below)

The Toy Hearts: coming...

... going...

... and on stage - Jörg's original titles for these photos are 'These shoes are killing me' (above) and 'Tequila and high heels' (below)

The Special Consensus (USA)

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver (USA) arriving

Doyle Lawson with Hannah and Sophia Johnson of the Toy Hearts

DL&Q on stage

DL&Q on stage

Saturday evening concert finale

An empty hall

Monday, 30 October 2006

From Lindenhof, Neusüdende, to the State Theatre of Oldenburg (Germany)

Walter Fuchs and Angelika Torrie report:

Very reluctantly, but forced by many inconvienences, Klaus Grotelüschen announced in June 2006 he had to discontinue his traditional Whitsuntide Festival in Neusüdende. Many could not believe it, but decisions had been made.

At that time, Klaus couldn't dream about the unique constellation, which would appear only a few weeks later, enabling him to continue his tradition, but on a higher level. There was - amongst all his close friends - his 'financial consultant', as he likes to call him, with positive thoughts and suggestions. There was a new general manager in charge at the state theatre of Oldenburg, with new ideas. Existing relations and the great results with sold-out events of the International Bluegrass Festival in Bühl (Germany). And, of course, there was Klaus himself with all his expertise as a concert and festival producer.

The match was perfect, and many hours of negotiating completed the oeuvre: on the occasion of his very last fall festival on 21 October 2006, and in presence of the above-mentioned general manager, Klaus was able to announce the following:

'We are going to continue in 2007 with an annual concert in a totally new environment, namely the renowned State Theater of Oldenburg, built in 1883. On Sunday 6 May 2007 we will hear singer/songwriter Claire Lynch, a top-notch representative of modern bluegrass music, with her band, the Claire Lynch Band.'

The new venue will give bluegrass music room in an acoustically first-class environment, and the atmosphere of such old buildings has proved to be a great combination already in the past. Success can already be predicted for this new and great setup!

Sunday, 29 October 2006

Lynne Butler’s Eurograss playlist: week commencing 18 June 2012

Lynne Butler’s Eurograss playlist for week commencing 18 June 2012 on Bluegrass Planet Earth at 9.00 p.m. British time; 4.00 p.m. EST

Dancing Queen - Sons of Navarone - Belgium
Mechkin Kamen - Lily Drumeva - Bulgaria
Don't Lie to Me - Blackjack - Cz
Last Call - Radim Zenkl - Cz
Good Deal Lucille - Blue Railroad Train - France
Head and Heart - Acoustic Processing Unit - Hungary
The One You Lean On - Poa Pratensis - Hungary
Valley Forge - New Prohibition Band - Germany
Pickney Local - Little Ass Birds - Ireland
Dear Old Dixie - Danilo Cartia - Italy
Things are Gonna Change - Ghostown Showdown - UK
The Rain - Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys - UK
Engines Calling - Earlybird Stringband - Norway
Carefree - Julie and the New Favourites - Norway
Sweetheart - Lucky Lips - Norway
Either Way - Southdown Ramblers - Sweden
Lovin' You - Acoustic Astronauts - UK
Silver Dagger - GollyWhoppers - UK
My Wife - Tony Black - UK

Saturday, 28 October 2006

'Butler's Boudoir Bluegrass' playlist, 21 June 2012

'Butler's Boudoir Bluegrass', 21 June 2012 (repeat 22 June), presented by Lynne Butler on UK Country Radio (Facebook)

More Pretty Girls Than One - Boys of Greenwood Glen - Ireland
Firefly - Tupelo - Ireland
Calling You - Blue Grass Boogiemen - Netherlands
Someday You Will - Liz Meyer - Netherlands
Rambling Letters - The Old Time Hayride - Netherlands
Outlands - Fred Morrison - Scotland
The Right Side of the Blue - Heather Mandich - Australia
Montana Cowgirl - Amy Gallatin - US
Daddy's Chair - Darren Beachly - US
My Heart Never Lies - ABLA - UK
You'll Miss Her When You're Gone - Carrivick Sisters - UK
Roadkill Breakdown - The Coal Porters - UK
Crosseyed Cricket - Howard Burton - UK
Scottische - Leon Hunt - UK
All or Nothing - Mardi Grass - UK
Monroes Revenge - UK
You'll Know - North Drive - UK
Chinkapin Hunting - Scoville Units - UK
The Tide is High - Up the Creek - UK

Friday, 27 October 2006

Focus on France in International Country Music Conference in Nashville, May 2011

[December 2010]

Dear Friend of ICMC,

We are pleased to announce another internationally focused presentation to accompany Payman Rezwan’s 'Country comes to town: the relevance of New Country in (Central) Europe'. Mr Zachary Fulbright of the Graduate Center of the City University of New York will be presenting on 'Country Music in France'. Fulbright indicates that

Prior to the 1980s, country music in France was marginal. Beginning with small regional music festivals, attracting only a few dozen people, the past two decades have seen an unprecedented national increase in country music’s popularity. Today, the average summer yields over forty festivals nationwide with the largest, the Country Rendez-Vous in Craponne sur Arzon in Haute Loire, drawing over 30,000 people. The sudden growth of country music in French radio, television, periodicals, festivals and concerts may lead us to ask what the music is saying that appeals to the French.

The next ICMC e-blurb will inform ICMC friends of another internationally focused presentation in an intriguing troika that concludes ICMC 2011.

Pickers - don’t forget that Nate Gibson (e-mail) will be serving as ICMC Picking Coordinator. He will be sending e-mail to previous picking participants, but you might want to let him know of your interest to make certain that you’re in the ‘Picking Loop'.

The Holiday Inn Vanderbilt is again serving as the official ICMC hotel of choice with a GREAT $99 single through quad rate available from Wednesday May 2011 through departure Sunday 29 May. If you make reservations over the phone (615.327.4707), please be certain to mention the three-letter ICM code. You may also register online here. A block of 15 rooms has been set aside. Reservations received after Sunday, April 24, 2011 will be provided on the basis of space availability. The Holiday Inn shuttle may be used to and from the Gordon E. Inman Center at Belmont University in which the Frist Lecture Hall is located.

We are also pleased to make available two other lodging opportunities: the Scarritt Bennett Retreat and Conference Center. Please mention code ICMC2011 when booking (615.340.7500, 866.420.5486, e-mail) to receive the $40 Standard Room or the $55 Upgraded Room with television and high speed internet. In addition, Belmont University dorm rooms are available at the rate of $34.30 per night rate for ICMC 2011. Linens are available for an additional $15 charge. Please contact ICMC Co-Chair Don Cusic (e-mail) if you are interested in Belmont dorm lodging.

Registration for ICMC is $125 and includes substantial luncheon and breakfast fare as well as well as finger foods at evening functions. Please make your check payable to ICMC and send to James Akenson no later than Friday 20 May 2011. You may wish to use the PDF form.

Should you no longer wish to receive information from the International Country Music Conference please reply and your request will be honored.

James Akenson and Don Cusic, ICMC Co Chairs

Thursday, 26 October 2006

30th annual Bluegrass Marathon, 3-5 Sept. 2010

Text and photos by Lilly Pavlak

In the south-west of the Czech Republic, near the German border, the second oldest European festival, Bluegrass Marathon, started last weekend (3–5 September 2010). I wanted to go there at least for the last fifteen years and finally made it. One of the last white spots on my Czech bluegrass map disappeared.

Bluegrass Village Borovany welcomes you

Borovany is a small village near Tachov, at the end of a road, with population about fifty. Each year for the first September weekend, multiply ten times the number of its inhabitants and it turns into a real bluegrass village. An inimitable atmosphere reigns there. Most people know each other and have been coming there for years, and the few new faces feel here at home soon. The event is located around two old farms and their farmhouses. The former old cultural house is available in case of rain.

MC Jerry Sterba

In the last thirty years almost all Czech bands have played here. The only one that had participated every year since the beginning is the cult band COP. The 30th festival started Friday already, with local bands such as Carrabina, Twisted Timber, Fryda & Co., Apple, Chval Brothers Quintet, High Grass, and Jam Station. Jam sessions took place around the clock, everywhere. That’s why it is called BG Marathon...

I arrived Saturday noon; short before the first band, Veget, came on stage. On the afternoon program stand bands like Flashback, Kvintet, Handl, Bluegrass Cwrkot, Album, and the New Section – Nova Sekce.



Bluegrass Cwrkot

The farmhouse

The rain came with Album

Beware of bad women

Blue Ground on stage

The evening started with the modern American country band Blue Ground, whose members came originally from different bluegrass bands, like Vabank Unit, Cop, and so on.

Soldier's joy


Wyrton you had the opportunity to see at EWOB (Holland) or La Roche (France); Modrotisk – another legendary band.

The only 'foreign' band was Grass Country (above) from Slovakia, also no strangers to the most of you.


Last two were the traditional beautifully singing Brzdari (the Breakmen) and Blue Gate with the female leader and bass player Ilona Leichtova.

Jam in the farmhouse

Many jam sessions followed. Till the dawn and some even till the noon.

The audience for the Sunday programme

COP from Pilsen, for the 30th time on the festival stage

Cop with Robert Krestan

New this year was the Sunday double concert with the two most successful bands, Cop and Druha Trava, who play lately often together. That was for many the festival highlight and a lot of extra people came for this. The area was quite full. Cop started with their old hits and audience was singing along. As guest came Robert Krestan on stage and they sang together 'White horses'.

Robert Krestan & Druha Trava

Then Robert Krestan & Druha Trava played their set and as guests Jirka Vopava and Misa Leicht (the frontman of COP) sang together with Druha Trava. At the grand finale both bands performed together. An unforgettable experience!

Double banjo: Lubos Malina and Martin Fridrich

Misa Leicht and Druha Trava

Robert Krestan & Druha Trava

Jirka Vopava and Robert Krestan

The grand finale: COP and Druha Trava

... and the festival was over!

Many encores followed and after more then three hours the concert was over. It was a phenomenal festival. I was very pleased to make it finally there!

Thanks to all promoters, sponsors, all the performing musicians, who played there just for travel money and all the people of Borovany, the Bluegrass Village. Hope to be able to come back again next year!